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Maybe the real question is “why not hire a coach?”, because, really, anyone can benefit from hiring a coach, even temporarily.

If you’re already in good shape and healthy, you can still benefit from a coaching session or two.  In this case, a coach can examine what you’re doing and help you reach the next goal, especially if you’ve fallen into a workout slump or you’ve lost momentum on attaining your goals.  Here are some ways a Personal Health Coach/Trainer can help you:

  • Accountability
    • When you know you’re supposed to meet someone and you’ve paid for it, you’re more likely to keep that appointment!
    • Your trainer will set expectations of sticking with your goals while you’re on your own during the week.
    • Consistency in your workouts = results – period. You have to consistently commit to your exercise routine to get the results you want.
  • Expertise
    • You’ve hired an expert for a reason; to have the knowledge & experience that you may not have and to apply what they know to help you get what you want.
    • Approaching your workout creatively & designing programs in ways you may not have thought of
  • Decrease risk of injury
    • Your coach can provide instruction on correct form & exercise execution
    • Setting appropriate load & progression of your workouts will help you to increase the intensity or difficulty without getting injured.
  • Goal setting & Personalized Plan
    • Planning– a coach can help you to define and set S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Timely), thereby making those goals more attainable
    • Structure – within those goals your coach can help you set up your plan, tailored to your needs & taking into account your lifestyle, family commitments, job, etc.
  • Make yourself a priority & set time aside for yourself
    • If you aren’t making yourself (& your wellbeing) a priority, who will?! Setting time aside for yourself will help you to recharge your battery, improve your mood, and increase your overall quality of life, thus improving every other aspect of your life & relationships.
  • Hiring an expert can help you to hone in on your goals & get faster & better results!
    • It’s frustrating to keep working on the same thing and not getting results! Argh! And in the end, you feel like just giving up. Or maybe the results you’re seeking are taking so long time that you lose motivation? A coach can help you to stay on task & get those results faster.
  • In poor health?
    • By working with a trainer you can lower high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, lose body fat, increase muscle mass, improve sleep, get off medications, reduce medical expenses, improve your mood, feel happier and improve your overall quality of life!

So whattya waiting for!?

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