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Set Your Goals and Get In Shape

“Hi, I’m Stacey Stoner and I am an advocate for health, fitness and well-being. I’ve made getting and staying in shape my career, and my life; I have a Masters Degree in Kinesiology, I run marathons, I eat right, I work out… And bringing fitness to others is my passion!
Let’s work together to get you to your next level of fitness!”
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“I decided to try Stacey’s running group thinking I would only do it for a month or so to lose a couple of pounds. I have never thought of myself as a “runner” and would never have gone out in the rain or cold before. Wow, was I wrong! Stacey made me actually enjoy running!!! I look forward to it now, have better energy, better sleep, and feel strong.”
Colleen H.
“When I met Stacey, I was going through a life transition, it was the middle of a pandemic, and she found COVID-friendly and affordable ways to give me a fitness assessment, running plan and personal training two times a week. I have only been working with Stacey for 3.5 months or so, and I have gone from not being able to do more than 5 pushups to being able to do 30 and running 3 miles with lots of stopping to running ELEVEN without stopping. She offers a donation-based core class in the mornings, because she feels it supplements all other activity. I am stronger, healthier and set better boundaries in my personal life because of Stacey. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, honest, real and human coach, you are lucky to find her. Thank you Stacey!”
Lauren B.