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Good to Know

On Running

If you’re running on city streets, try to run facing traffic, and over to side as far as is safe for you. Doing this gives you the opportunity to see the drivers of the oncoming vehicles and to see if they are driving distractedly or are aware of you. Don’t ever assume the drivers see you.

I always run with my phone because:

  • I am motivated by listening to my music,
  • so I’ll always have my camera with me; to capture beautiful things I see along my run and to capture any important incidents if necessary,
  • to have an emergency contact if necessary,
  • as I’m running ideas come to me and I like to record it, otherwise I probably won’t remember by the time I’m done,
  • to stay in contact with clients, friends, family if I’m expecting a call.

Be visible! This applies to running on the roads and pedestrian trails. Wear brightly colored and/or reflective clothing, especially at night. Be bright, stand out and be seen! Don’t ever assume that other drivers, cyclists or anyone else sees you.

Know the area you’re running in. If you’re new to the area, run during the day.

Wear good shoes! I know they’re outrageously expensive ($150 for my last pair?! Really?!) BUT, I spend the money because I have found that having good shoes provide my feet, knees, hips, etc., with the support and balance my body wants. I can tell when my shoes are getting old because my body feels sorer than usual and little aches and pains start popping up. Good shoes are a small investment for a bigger payoff of not having physical problems, injuries and potential chiropractor or orthopedic visits. If you’ve never purchased good running shoes before, I suggest going to an actual running store where you can get fitted.